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Our range of adult and child classes (both online, and in-person) mean that together you can learn to cook nutritious, simple meals for the whole family. Spend time together learning new skills, expanding your food repertoire and worldly food knowledge, and finish with dinner for a family of four to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 


All lessons include: 

  • Basic knife skills (for adults and age appropriate for children) 

  • All ingredients required for the class to make a dinner for a family of four to take home and enjoy (please note: online classes will require you to purchase ingredients from a list provided in advance)

  • All equipment, utensils and aprons needed for the class (For in-person classes only. For online classes we will send a list of kit that you should get ready in advance of the lesson)

  • Packaging for in-person classes to take your creations home in and enjoy 

  • Full recipes provided so that you can re-create the dish again and again

  • Small class sizes to ensure one to one time with your tutor and no rushing around! - both in-person and online. 




You'll get to use your full range of senses in our classes as we cover...

TASTE & SMELL Close your eyes as you smell and taste key flavours that form the traditional make up of National dishes from the country of the week

SEE Country flags, iconic images and visual delights will don the walls of The Cooking Shed 

TOUCH Watch a demo of the dish you'll be making and then get hands on yourself under the guidance and support of your class tutor

HEAR  "Bonjour!", "Ciao", "Murhuba"...we'll welcome and bid you farewell from The Cooking Shed

LEARN to make a dish that's representative of the country of the week to take home and enjoy for dinner. We'll also give you some interesting facts about the country and its cuisine to discuss around the dinner table when you get home.



The cost provided covers one adult and one child from 3yrs of age/up to 17yrs of age (unless specified otherwise on the class product information page)  plus all ingredients and a dish suitable for two adults & two children to take home and enjoy).

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