Summer salmon & courgetti recipe

It was so lovely to see so many of you at The Kitchen Range in West Wickham last night. As requested and promised, we're sharing our summer salmon, pea, mint & courgetti recipe that we demo'd for you to try. It's a simple, low calorie, nutritious and delicious dish that even won over a 'non-vegetable' eater last night! If you can make a stir fry, you can make this... Ingredients: 1 teaspoon rapeseed or vegetable oil Cup of frozen peas 2 smoked salmon fillets (boned and skinless) 3 medium sized courgettes (spiralised in to strings) Half a lemon (zest and juice) 1 tablespoon fresh mint finely chopped 1 teaspoon white wine vinegar Fine grating of parmesan (approx 2 teaspoons) - optional Sea sal

Fussy little eaters

Every parent has been there – whether you have a ‘good’ eater or a ‘fussy’ one, we all know and understand the perils and pressures that come with meal times and trying to get our children to eat a wide and varied diet. Here are some top tips gathered by, heard by and shared by The Cooking Shed on making meal times and food something that becomes a joy in your home rather than a chore. Give thanks, not praise! I’ve seen far too many parents jump on their child as soon as they pop something healthy in their mouth “OH MY GOD, well DONE darling!!!”…not only does it scare the child half to death and make them jump out of their skin, but it also draws attention to what it is that you want your c

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