Cost: £40 per screen


In this 3.5hr online adult baking class you will learn...

The basics of bread making, producing the following four breads... 

- Baguette 

- Cottage loaf 

- Turkish pide bread 

- Italian Focaccia bread 


The cost covers Zoom access and tuition for your class. A full ingredients and equipment list will be sent to you in advance of the class for you to purchase. 



1. The lesson will take place by video conference using Zoom (this will not be a public broadcast, it will only be accessible by class attendees signed up to this course). You will be sent a link to access this before the class date from your computer or tablet. If you have never used Zoom, please join a little early as your computer will have to download a little piece of software but DON’T WORRY, it’s perfectly safe! You could access this via mobile, but we would recommend using a computer or tablet if you can as you’ll be able to see the screen/tutor and other participants much more clearly.


2. Once logged in to Zoom, at the bottom of your Zoom screen you will see options to turn your video on/off and your sound on/off. We will start the sessions with our sound and video on to say hello (and keep our video turned on for the whole of the session so that your tutors can see if you require any assistance), but once the tutor starts the teaching part of the session, please turn your sound off so that background noise is reduced. Clearly if you have a question though, turn the sound back on and ask it, then go back to off/mute it again.


3. You will need to have all of your ingredients out on the worktop in advance of the session so that you have everything to hand.


4. We will share the full and written recipe before the cook-along so that you have it to hand if needed or for reference.

4 x breads from around the world

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