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The Cooking Shed's Regan Anderton, and Nutritional therapist Georgina Corley have teamed up to bring you a fun, educational, and inspiring evening in The Cooking Shed.


The evening will cover...

An introduction to the perimenopause, the menopause, & a better understanding of its effects on the body & mind

Foods to avoid & foods/lifestyle changes to embrace for... increased energy

a better nights sleep

reduced anxiety

support with mood swings

hot flushes



A cookery lesson to cover breakfast, lunch, family dinner & simple snack ideas

Enjoy sitting down to eat what you make together in The Cooking Shed whilst nutritional therapist Georgina is on hand to answer any questions that you might have

A swap sheet to help you make 10 simple, but powerful changes to your general health


Come on your own, or come with a friend. It'll be a great evening with plenty of support and great food.



Cooking for the menopause

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