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In this adult cookery class you'll be given a demonstration on how to cook two vegetarian main courses that can be easily adapted to make other delicious family meals that we're sure will very quickly become family favourites.


You'll get to taste the dishes in The Cooking Shed, and then it'll be your turn to replicate them under the guidance of your tutor. You'll be given some top tips on knife skills, and vegetarian cooking, learning how to make pulses pop, and legumes 'lummy'! At the end of the session you'll whip up some oat and lemon pancakes....because who doesn't love pancakes to use as a tasty dessert or family breakfast?


The best part? You'll take home enough of the dishes you make for 2 adults & 2 children to enjoy, and receive a taster of your tutors dishes in the class. 


Class tutor: Regan Anderton

Class run time: 3hrs

Family veggie meals on a budget

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