Join us in the garden at The Cooking Shed and learn the art of cooking on a charcoal barbecue. You'll get to taste and enjoy an array of different BBQ foods cooked in the class with a nice cold complimentary bottle of beer, and leave with the food that you've prepared yourself to cook and enjoy at home (enough for 2 adults to enjoy), along with recipes and a tips sheet to help create your own perfect barbecues again and again.Class covers; 	Lighting a BBQ - discussing different lighting fuels, charcoals, barbecues & techniques	Knife skills	Get hands on and make... 			Homemade beef burgers 		Thai marinated salmon fillets 		Cuban marinated chicken thighs 		Red peppers stuffed with halloumi, sage & chilli 		Pea & broadbean mint salad 		Thai slaw 		Toblerone stuffed bananas		Please note: whilst this class cover how to light and cook on a coal barbecue, it will also be relevant to those who may have a gas barbecue at home.  Class run time: 3.5hrsTutors: Robert & Regan Anderton

Cooking on coal - BBQ class

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