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This is the remaining amount due to secure 1 x children's cooking party to be held at the agreed location on Saturday 15th June from 11am until 1.30pm for Phoebe's 5th birthday. 


TOTAL: £245 (10 x children) 

£50 deposit paid - with thanks 

Total remaining amount: £195 to pay



Homemade Chinese chicken steamed buns (3 per child), plus 3 chocolate dipped strawberries per child - with sprinkles and mini marshmallows to decorate. 



Regan Anderton 


11am start - 1.30pm finish

(The Cooking Shed will arrive at 10.15am to set up, and will require approx 30 minutes after the party to clear down). 



  • We will require a space to park close to the venue for loading and unloading kit 
  • We'll require a large table to work around (please let us know if you need us to supply this) 
  • We'll require 3 shelves in your fridge to store the strawberries once dipped 
  • We'll require access to a plug point and table/worktop for us to place our 2 mobile electric induction hobs 
  • Somewhere for children to be able to wash hands

Cooking party - remaining amount


  • We ask that a parent or guardian is in attendance for the duration of the class to assist with children under the age of 10 years incase they require toilet breaks, to help assist the children throughout the class if they need additional help with cutting/prep'ing duties provided by the tutor, and to ensure safe delivery of them back to parents at the end of the party. If children are over 10yrs and a guardian is not required, we ask that the same key guardian drops off and is there for collection of the children at the start and end of the session.  

    PLEASE CONTACT US 10 WORKING DAYS BEFORE THE PARTY to inform us of any special dietary requirements.

    The price quoted is for a maximum of 6 children. If you have fewer than 6 children in attendence, we're afraid that the price still remains the same at £225 plus £5 for each additional child - up to 12 in total. 

    For any questions please call us on 07525 763198.

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