Class date: Sunday 15 November 

Class run time: 10am - 12.30pm 
Cass tutor: Regan Anderton


In this adult class you'll learn how to gut and fillet a fish, and then be shown how to prepare and cook squid, mussels and king prawns. We'll turn the seafood in to Regan's winning signature fish stew that she made for Theo Randall on BBC1's TV show Yes Chef! and you'll get to enjoy eating it in The Cooking Shed with a complimentary glass of cold white wine, whilst you're shown a demo on how to cook your filleted fish. You'll be sent home with your filleted fish - sourced from our fabulous local supplier, Prawnbrokers, ready for you to cook and enjoy in the comfort of your own home.


Please note: Fish & shellfish may change due to seasonality & sustainability but will be a like for like in price as best advised by the fishmongers on the week of the class. 

Fish & shellfish masterclass


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