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This is to cover the remaining cost to cover Issy's birthday cooking party to be held at 10am on Sunday 20th May 2018.


Standard format includes...

  • Kids arrive, wash hands & put on aprons ready to cook
  • Kids make pizza dough
  • Kids decorate cupcakes 
  • Kids add toppings to pizza and make second pizza to take home and cook
  • Clear away
  • Pizza is eaten for lunch
  • Cupcakes are packaged - one to eat, and one to take home, along with second pizza to take home and cook/enjoy.


6 children and 2 adults are welcome to attend on the day.

Issy's cooking bday party - final payment


  • We ask that a parent or guardian is in attendance for the duration of the class to assist with children if they require toilet breaks, to help assist the children throughout the class if they need additional help with cutting/prep'ing duties provided by the tutor, and to ensure safe delivery of them back to parents at the end of the party. 
    You are welcome to bring along your own birthday cake and party bags (although the packaged biscuits tend to count towards this!), or we are happy to provide at an additional cost. 

    PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE BOOKING to ensure that we have time and date available that you would like to book. The price quoted is for a maximum of 6 children, aged 6yrs and over. If you have fewer than 6 children in attendence, we're afraid that the price still remains the same. 

    If you'd like the children to cook something different to pizza, then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss options. 

    For any questions please call us on 07525 763198.

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