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This is to cover the remaining amount due to cover 1 adult & 1 child on the Lebanese lamb flatbreads class taking place at 10am on Sat 14 May 2022. 

Total class cost = £40

£20 gift voucher received 

£20 remaining to pay. 

Thank you. 


Join us at The Cooking Shed and learn to make Lebanese lamb flatbreads 

You'll get to use your full range of senses in our adult & child classes as we cover;
TASTE & SMELL Close your eyes as you smell and taste key flavours that form the traditional make up of National dishes from the country of the week
SEE Country flags, iconic images and visual delights will don the walls of The Cooking Shed
TOUCH Watch a demo of the dish you'll be making and then get hands on yourself under the guidance and support of your class tutor
HEAR "Bonjour!", "Ciao", "Murhuba"...we'll welcome and bid you farewell from The Cooking Shed
LEARN to make Lebanese lamb patties with homemade flatbreads, and then take what you make home for the whole family to enjoy. We'll also give you some interesting facts about the country and its cuisine to discuss around the dinner table for when you get home.

1.5 hour class
(cost covers one adult and one child over 4yrs of age plus all ingredients and a meal suitable for two adults & two children to take home and enjoy)



Joy Huntingford

Lebanese lamb flatbreads (A&C) remaining payment

  • All children must be aged over 4 years old and attend with an adult. The concept of the adult & child classes at The Cooking Shed is for adults & children to learn to cook together. 

  • The price quoted is to cover 1 adult and 1 child in a lesson. If you wish to bring another child, there will be an additional £20 charge (please check for availability before booking for an extra space)

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