For some, making bread is a religion - for others, it's a gluten induced hell. What most don't know though, is that sourdough, with a slow fermentation, is the most digestible and least bloating of all breads. In this 3 hour adult class - held in The Cooking Shed, West Wicham, you will...

  • Create and maintain a starter
  • Make a sourdough loaf with the stretch and fold method
  • Be taught and then practice creating structure on sourdough ready for proving
  • Observe and discuss the cooking preparation and methods
  • Take your prepared sourdough home to prove overnight in a lovely cane banneton (provided within the class cost) for you to bake and enjoy fresh the following day from your own oven
  • Be given full written instructions to re-create sourdough again & again
  • Take home an active starter to ensure a good basis for your next loaf
  • Enjoy tasting some freshly baked sourdough with homemade jam, butter, and a cuppa.


CLASS TUTOR: Julie Shelton


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the close proximity of students within The Cooking Shed, customers attending the session will be required to wear a face mask or face visor. These can be obtained online, and we would recommend something similar to this so that you are still able to smell ingredients in your class. To view our 'Keeping you safe through COVID' action plan, please click here 


Sourdough bread making


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