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For some, making bread is a religion - for others, it's a gluten induced hell. What most don't know though, is that sourdough, with a slow fermentation, is the most digestible and least bloating of all breads. In this 3 hour adult class - held in The Cooking Shed, West Wicham, you will...

- Create and maintain a starter

- Make a sourdough loaf with the stretch and fold method

- Be taught and then practice creating structure on sourdough ready for proving

- Observe and discuss the cooking preparation and methods

- Take your prepared sourdough home to prove overnight in a lovely cane banneton (provided within the class cost) for you to bake and enjoy fresh the following day from your own oven

- Be given full written instructions to re-create sourdough again & again

- Take home an active starter to ensure a good basis for your next loaves

- Enjoy tasting some freshly baked sourdough with homemade jam, butter, and a cuppa.



CLASS TUTOR: Julie Shelton

Sourdough bread for beginners

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