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15 unexpected flavour combinations

New tastes aren't always about trying a new food or spice - often it's about simply combining every day ingredients to create something completely unexpected. Here, we've listed 15 of our favourite most unexpected flavour combinations for you to try. #giveitatry

1. Apple and peanut butter

2. Strawberry jam smeared on garlic bread with cheese

3. Marmite on toast topped with a poached egg

4. Chopped green olives and lime zest mixed in to butter and spread on to warm crusty bread

5. Apple sauce in a cheese sandwich

6. Warm, grilled watermelon topped with crumbled feta cheese

7. Halloumi flambéed with Ouzo

8. Lavender in apple cake

9. Greek yoghurt mixed with mint jelly (dip your tortilla crisps and warm pitta bread in!)

10. Strawberries with peas

11. Dried crispy onions on boiled egg

12. Haribo with red wine....tastes like Sangria!

13. Cardamom and vanilla - Grind and sprinkle over your vanilla ice cream

14. Horseradish with mackerel

15. Mango with lime juice

We'd love to hear about your favourite flavour combo's. Please share in the comments below so we can all give them a try!

For more kitchen and cooking tips, advice and free events check out our #giveitatry campaign page.

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