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A flippin good pancake recipe

Whether you like to pimp your pancake with Lotus spread or Nutella, cream or ice cream - the most important thing about a great pancake is the batter mix. Below is our faff free simple pancake recipe to enjoy on Shrove Tuesday (or any other day for that matter!). #giveitatry and have a flippin great time coming up with your creations.

Incase you're wondering - our fav topping is sugar, lemon and a splash of Grand Marnier :) Tell us what yours is in the comments below....


100g plain flour

2 large free range eggs

250g milk

1 tbsp melted butter or sunflower oil

Pinch of salt

Large knob of butter for frying

(choice of toppings)


1. Beat together the flour and eggs until there are no lumps

2. Add in the milk a little bit at a time beating until you have a nice smooth mix and all of the milk and eggs have been incorporated

3. Add in the butter and salt, and beat again

4. Leave to one side for at least 20 minutes before making your pancakes

5. Place a non stick frying pan on to the hob on a medium-high heat - when the pan has come up to temperature, carefully rub butter around the base of the pan to evenly coat it

6. Pour in a little of the mix and tilt the pan to cover the base with the batter and leave for around 2 minutes (or until the underneath has started to turn golden brown)

7. Flip, or use a fish slice to turn the pancake over and cook on the other side until that is also nicely golden brown (NOTE: your first pancake will always be the palest floppiest one, so use this as a test pancake for the Chef!)

8. Pop on to a plate and add whichever toppings take your fancy


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