Hummus for adults & kids - that you can freeze!

My little one absolutely LOVES hummus - to the point I was buying around three tubs of it a week for the house...then thought 'what am I doing?! I know this is the simplest thing in the world to make' so got my tahini and stick blender out and started making it from little boy was lapping it up, I was feeling like a smug mummy making my child a wholesome homemade dip that was far lower in salt and oil than the shop bought version, but then I realised I was eating my still not shifted post-baby weight in the stuff every week (first world problems I know). Until I had a revelation... YOU CAN FREEZE HOMEMADE HUMMUS! I portioned it out in to small plastic sealed tubs, put them in th

The easy way to peel ginger

I've struggled with potato peelers and knives in an attempt to peel ginger - this is by far the safest and easiest way of doing it, with limited waste.

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